About Dr. Amy


Amy Leslie, DC

As a former professional figure skater Dr. Amy has a keen sense of body mechanics and is intimately aware of the spine’s potential for movement, strength and grace. Dr. Amy grew up on a small farm in Manitoba, Canada and spent most of her childhood skating at the local ice rink. She went on to become a two-time National Ice Dancing Champion in Canada. She then joined the professional circuit, touring around the world with Disney on Ice.

The majority of Amy’s education and training has been in sports medicine but you don't need to be an athlete to benefit from her treatments.  She has experience in working with all types of patients, including prenatal and postpartum woman. One of her passions is to help woman navigate getting back to their sports after baby. While you might guess that she can help you heal from a painful back injury, you might not know that as a chiropractor she's also been trained to help with other parts of the body as well.  She's had great success in treating people's shoulders, elbows, ankles, knees, hips, and even jaws (often helpful for chronic headaches).

When she isn’t helping people lead healthier lives in the clinic she can be found singing itsy bitsy spider to her daughter, swinging around on her trapeze, mountain biking at post or meditating with her husband Scott. People occasionally like to poke fun at Dr. Amy's Canadian accent but she thinks it’s no big deal eh:)


Doctorate of Chiropractic, University of Western States (Cum Laude)
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, University of Western States and Manitoba

 Chiropractic Techniques:

  • Personal Injury

  • Prenatal and Postpartum

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy (aka GRASTON)

  • Webster Technique (pregnancy specific)

  • Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)

  • Drop table

  • Functional rehabilitation

  • Kinesiology Taping

  • Activator


Aerial Amy

One of my favorite things in the whole world is Aerial! Aerial Arts means doing fun things in the air. Think Cirque Du Soleil. Although it's been a decade since I retired from figure skating and it is so refreshing to be back at artistics athletics. Don't get me wrong, it hurts like crazy, my hands are basically falling apart and I have bruises all over BUT it is totally worth it.  I can't stop. My favorite apparatus right now is the hoop (aka Lyra) but I also do enjoy swinging and spinning around on the trapeze. My initial training has been in Portland but I am starting to build an aerial community here in Hood River. Ask me about it at your next appointment.





She’s amazing! She just happened to have an opening the day I called, fit me right in with a sweet, calming intake, and I felt so much better within minutes!
— -Mike B

She is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, and trustworthy. I am also a chiropractic physician and as a result tend to have a watchful eye toward others in my profession. I would trust Dr. Amy Leslie with my own care.
— Lori B.

She is able to quickly assess your needs, adjust areas of concern and answers any questions you may have all while maintaining a safe and professional environment.
— Michelle B.

If you’re in search of chiropractic care, check out Dr. Amy Leslie. I have been treated by several chiropractors in the past (and worked for three), and I have never experienced someone so devoted to patient care as Dr. Leslie. I’ve been getting treated by her since my car accident about a month ago, and have seen rapid improvement in my low back pain. Her intakes are thorough, and she assesses how your body is that day (range of motion, areas/level of pain, tenderness or tightness upon palpation, etc) to determine treatment, rather than just doing the same adjustments each visit. The time of service rates are reasonable, and the office is conveniently located downtown. I highly recommend her.
— -Kim S.

Amy is an incredible chiropractor and physician. I started working with her when I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulders due to being on the computer a lot for my job (which I hated but didn’t really realize it at the time). My work with Amy included not just adjusting but a lot of physiotherapy — taping, grasston (gua sha), assisted stretching, and exercises. I always felt so much better after leaving her office and she empowered me to take care of myself at home and at my work, too. Her treatments helped to significantly and consistently lower the symptoms that I was having to the degree where I didn’t need to work with her as much any more. Her friendliness and gentle prompting also helped me to realize that I was unhappy with the work that I was doing, and Amy even helped me get some direction for the next steps in my career. I’m sure this doesn’t happen with all of her patients, but I feel like the open, accepting and healing environment that she provides allowed for those realizations to occur. I would recommend any friend or loved one to Amy without hesitation and think the world of her. I hope you get the opportunity to work with her too!
— Liz L.
I would like to start out by making it known I fully agree with Dr. Leslie’s other patients views. Now getting into why I feel the desire to say a few good words for her. I have acquired quite a rap sheet of injuries starting around (age 12) with cervical fracture along with temporary paralysis from the neck down. Worse then that was an injury that has “plagued” me ever since (age 14) in which I tore a very significant amount of tissues throughout my thigh/groin/abdominal region.
It took seeing countless therapist’s and time to finally find a strategy that worked to remedy my symptoms. About 4 years ago I managed to get a handle on it via physical therapy twice a week and massage every other week for a year straight. Both of those therapist were very talented in “listening to human anatomy”!
I am at the moment seeing Dr. Leslie pertaining for an auto accident. The accident took a huge amount of that hard work and washed it away. Felt like I was going to have to do it all over again! Boy was I mistaken, all it took was the first visit for me to realize this road to recovery would be much shorter under her watch. I feel the reason is because she has this natural ability, along with intense level of focus. It’s like as if she has a 6th sense. She is very open minded and determined with prognoses. One of my favorite things is her versatility, she is very keen on thinking outside the box and she has so many ways of treating symptoms. I don’t feel it is fair for her to be labeled as just a chiropractor, when she treats you with so many methods. Very naturally talented individual.
Thank You Dr. Leslie!
— Ben B.